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I have to say one of the best complements I can receive for my wedding photography is when others recognize my work, especially if it’s a national book making company like I just found out that I am a featured photographer on their new wedding book website. I got a call from the folks at Blurb a couple weeks ago complementing me on the creativity of the numerous wedding albums that I have designed for my wedding couples and they wanted to know why I chose to use their services for my wedding business After using Blurb to publish my first book “Shopping for Dynamite – A Brotherly Adventure to South America,” I was sold. I found the quality of the books to be top tier. Everything from the color reproduction to the thickness of the paper to the look and feel of their ImageWrap book covers.

The San Francisco based company has taken notice of all the great impressions their custom made books are making on people, myself included, and are now actively marketing to professional wedding photographers. And they should. This isn’t your grand parents dusty wedding album. Their wedding albums go above and beyond the typical wedding mementos. I started using them for my wedding albums soon after my first book and they have been a big hit with my brides ever since. I couldn’t be happier with them and I’m flattered that has chosen to feature me on their wedding book website.