Bozeman Front Porch Project Fundraiser


This past weekend six gracious Bozeman families participated in the fifth and final weekend of the Bozeman Front Porch Project fundraiser from afar – to celebrate their loved ones, be apart of a community art project and raise money to support the Bozeman Area Community Foundation

Lately, there has been a lot of uncertainty. All the drastic changes we’ve been experiencing as a community and nation these past weeks have been challenging.

Everyone is feeling the impact in one way or another due to the current health and economic crisis.

While we may be socially distancing from our neighbors, we also get to experience these precious moments of togetherness with our families, loved ones, and pets.

That is something to celebrate.

Together, we will get through this.


The Bozeman Front Porch Project was a little something to uplift the mood of our community while maintaining safety precautions. It was a chance for families to contribute to a good cause. More importantly, a chance to create a small keepsake to remind them of all the good things they have to celebrate in their lives right now. 

During our shared, sheltered experience, we can foster social distancing connections within our community.

I’m happy to announce that the Front Porch Project fundraiser raised another $300.00 for the Bozeman Area Community Foundation. A contribution that will help our neighbors heal through this ordeal!

A big heartfelt thank you to all of the families that participated in the Bozeman Front Porch Project this weekend!