Over the 4th of July Weekend, I had the pleasure of celebrating and photographing the Big Sky Montana Back Country Horseback Wedding Day of Addie & Nate.

Back in 2017, these two hired me to photograph their wedding at Bridger Bowl Ski Area with 100 guests. They wanted to celebrate their community of loved ones in the mountains – rain or shine.

They were so excited.

But, over the next couple of months, the addition of planning the details of their wedding day festivities became a bit too much to juggle.

With the busyness of finishing school and both working jobs, they decided it would be best to postpone their wedding day to a later date.

Enter Spring 2020.

As the rest of the world was shutting down to combat the pandemic and most of my weddings were being rescheduled for 2021, Addie and Nate reached out to let me know that despite the challenging circumstances, the time had come to make their wedding happen…with a twist.

Rather than having a big wedding celebration like they originally planned, they decided instead to ride horses into the backcountry with their immediate family for an intimate wedding ceremony at Albino Lake south of Big Sky, Montana.

It was a wonderful alternative to large group gathering that ended up being a unique, more personal solution.

This enthusiastic group met up at The Nine Quarter Circle Ranch and we loaded the wedding party up onto horseback for a ride into the wilderness.

For Addie and Nate, being in the mountains is such a restorative, important aspect of their relationship and this new plan worked out perfectly.

Under warm blue skies with puffy white clouds against a gorgeous mountain lake backdrop, they were wed.

As we all descended via horseback down the mountain, we drove over to the 320 Ranch down the road for a small outdoor gathering where a few other family members and friends joined us for a BBQ, cake, and libations.

Everyone had such a great time celebrating these two newlyweds.

I can’t think of a better reason for a small group of folks to gather than to celebrate love and the union of two great people. I think all in attendance missed the feeling of being around others. I think the photos show all the love that surrounds Addie and Nate.

I was so glad I could be apart of their special day. -M

Here are some favorite photographs from the day. To view all of Addie and Nate’s Big Sky Back Country Horseback Wedding Day photos, click here.