• The-Ellen-Theatre-Wedding-Day-Bride-Groom-Portrait

With much anticipation and a year long delay due to the pandemic, I had the pleasure of photographing The Ellen Theatre Wedding of Lisa and Shawn.

True to their shared love of cinematic films, this Lisa and Shawn had their wedding on stage at the historic downtown Bozeman theatre. We also emphasized the movie theme during their recent couples portrait experience as well.

I love it when a wedding couple throws out the rules of what society says a wedding should be. Instead they embraced their shared interests that make their relationship unique.

For their Ellen Theatre Wedding Day, these newlyweds showcased their love of the Star Wars universe and other action movies near and dear to their hearts. It was a wonderful balance of fantasy and classy wedding themes all coming together. Each was able to highlight their loves. Lisa highlighted her love of red roses. Shawn (in pure delight) wore his Darth Vader outfit and walked down the isle to the imperial march theme music. Many of their guests in attendance also donned character costumes from the epic movie saga. All were given light sabers and Wonder Woman bracelets to wield during the grand exit down the isle. Their wedding cakes made by the talented bakers at Decadent Bozeman were super hero themed. Everyone in attendance savored the delicious tacos from the Chefs Table Food Truck.

In all, their guest were treated to a unique, playful experience full of laughter and movie nostalgia.

Here are some favorite photos I made from their wedding celebration. To see all of their fun photos, click here to view their gallery link.

It has been so wonderful to get to know these two lovebirds over the past two years. I could not be more excited for them. It was an honor to photograph The Ellen Theatre Wedding Day festivities of these newlyweds. I wish them a lifetime of happiness. -M

Wedding Vendor List:

Venue – The Ellen Theatre

Photographer – Greener Visuals Photography

Catering – Chefs Table Food Truck

Wedding Cakes – Decadent Bozeman

DJ Services – Moshunal Production

  • The-Ellen-Theatre-Bozeman-Couples-Portrait-Photography

In early May, I had the pleasure of photographing the StarWars-themed Ellen Theatre couples portrait experience of Lisa and Shawn in downtown Bozeman.

This couple have dated over the last seven years. In that time, these two have fostered a solid relationship and family home with Shawn’s two children.

They are self-described “goofballs” and commented that “their inner nerd matched each other’s.”

For Lisa it was his kindness and loyalty to their relationship that she cherishes. She loves how everything he does is for the family and is constantly putting others before himself. Shawn loves that she accepts him for who he is. Together they give each other forgiveness and grace both in their relationship and professional lives.

But of all their shared values and appreciations for one another, these two have fostered a passion for watching fims, especially their mutual love of the Star Wars saga.

So much so in fact that their entire upcoming wedding celebration theme will revolve around their love of movies. In fact, their wedding will be the first wedding ever at The Ellen Theatre in downtown Bozeman, Montana.

It was only appropriate that we highlighted their favorite film into their Ellen Theatre couples portrait experience.

These two love the archecture of old theaters and they maintain hopes of someday owning their own. We decided to explore the historic Ellen Theatre where we created a movie date night/Star Wars theme portrait experience for them.

We had a blast “nerding out” and creating some personal, unique photos of their relationship in a place that truly resonated with them.

The force is strong with these two. Clearly, the love as well.

Here are some favorite photos from their couples portrait experience.

I am so looking forward to their wedding celebration this Saturday! -M

  • Photo-Booth-Wedding-Reception-The-Lodge-at-Triple-Tree-Farm-Greener-Visuals

I had the pleasure of setting up my wedding day photo booth at the Lodge at Trinity Tree Farm reception, IN ADDITION TO DOCUMENTING THE LOVE ON ALLIE AND CHRIS’ WEDDING.

The newlyweds’ wedding day photo booth was a hilarious activity for their wedding guests, young and old, to play in. Everyone dressed up in absurd costumes and created their own glamorous photos, via remote control. The booth was a huge hit.

I’ve said it before and I’ll reaffirm it here, photo booths make any life celebration better, especially after quarantine.

The pandemic forced rescheduling of their original 2020 wedding plans. When their new wedding celebration date arrived, Allie and Chris knew that having a photo booth was a top priority.

Their wedding reception provided the perfect opportunity for a fun and engaging creative outlet inbetween dancing. Their photo booth, in it’s simplicity, allowed for Allie and Chris’ guests to laugh, play and create at the push of a button. They have a special way of bringing out the best versions of people, introvert and extrovert alike.

Lastly, after editing through the hundreds of photos, here are some of my favorite photo booth moments created by their guests. Again, there are so many more to see in the main gallery below.

To see all of Allie and Chris’ Wedding Day Photo Booth photos, click here to view the full online gallery.

I had such a fun day photographing, laughing, and celebrating with Allie and Chris’ loved ones! Congrats to the newly weds! -M

  • Couple-Amongst-Pines-Trinity-Tree-Farm-Wedding-Photos-Greener-Visuals

A few weeks back I had the absolute pleasure of traveling to Seattle, Washington to photograph the Trinity Tree Farm Wedding celebration of Allie and Chris.

Originally scheduled for 2020, the pandemic forced a year delay of their Trinity Tree Farm Wedding Day. After knowing eachother over a decade, the inconvieniece didn’t matter. Allie and Chris relationship would only continue to grow closer. After a long wait for vaccines to start rolling out, the time had come. With the The Lodge at Trinity Tree Farm they were finally able to have a gathering of their favorite people to celebrate their relationship in style.

This wedding couple first met through their circle of friends when they were 14 years old. Years went by and it wasn’t until senior year of high school that Allie asked Chris to go to the homecoming dance. From that point on their friendship started blossoming into something much more. After dating for the past six years, they now live together in Seattle, Washington supporting her pursuit of her law degree and his engineering career at Boeing. Through all the laughter and support that they shared, it was clear that life was pretty awesome together and they became engaged.

During Chris and Allie’s wedding we had perfect 70 degree weather. The venue was a beautiful, pacific northwest backdrop. The bride and groom along with their guests dined on fine food, told stories, laughed, hugged, and went full throttle singing their hearts out to their favorite songs. When guests needed a break from the dance floor, the Greener Visuals Photo Booth became a huge hit. It got people to laugh, play, and create.

This crew didn’t hold back.

You could feel the warm embrace and excitement of everyone in attendance. Everyone was just thrilled to be amongst one another’s company who they hadn’t seen in so long. A loving tribe reunited once again. It was so wonderful to be a part of it.

Here are some favorite photos I made from their wedding day celebration. I’m so excited for these two! The wait for their big day was well worth it. It was an honor to document their wedding festivities and I wish them a lifetime of happiness together! Congrats to the newly weds! -M

To view all of their wedding photos, click here to view the full gallery.