Happy New Year!

I’m happy to present my Greener Visuals Photography Best of 2021 Wedding Photographs!

During this winter, it’s been fun reflecting back on all of the great times I had with my 2021 wedding clients.

After the pandemic of 2020 forced many brides and grooms to put their wedding celebrations on hold, the vaccine rollout of 2021 allowed more wedding couples to trust the safety of gathering with their friends and family. Still, the ongoing pandemic continues to be a source of uncertainty, and if a theme resonated for my 2021 wedding clients, it was the capacity to be flexible.

Even in normal times, there is so much that goes on during a wedding that can surprise you and this past year had some unique challenges for my clients.

For one couple, there was wildfire smoke blocking mountain views. After the pandemic forced another couple to have a Zoom wedding, their long anticipated wedding reception was dampened by rain. In yet another, there was a rush to locate a spare suit for a family member two hours before the wedding. A groom on crutches could not dance but instead sang songs for his bride with the band behind him. One bride and groom even started a farm from scratch growing their own food and flowers. Their hard work created wonderful accents to their story that they shared with their loved ones on their big day.

It just goes to show, you can plan all the things, set the tables and get everything “perfect” but in the end, weddings turn out the way they turn out. They have a wonderful life of their own.

All of my wedding couples rolled with whatever came their way. 

Having those positive attitudes made each wedding an authentic reflection of who each couple was. Regardless of what happened, the true beauty of it was found by focusing on the bigger picture.

What truly mattered was that my wedding couples could finally celebrate their love, with their friends and families bearing witness to it.

For what is a wedding but a wonderful, sweet slice of society pie that celebrates the best things in life – our loving relationships.

You’ll usually find excitement from people attending a wedding, but you could tell that the energy of the world made this past year’s weddings more genuine for everyone. The faucet of normalcy was partially turned back on and people got a taste for the best part of life – the ability to come together and feel human again. 

As a visual storyteller, it warmed my heart to see my 2021 wedding clients and their loved ones embrace this moment to truly savor these time-honored celebrations that I think many of us have taken for granted.

To me, beyond the obvious of celebrating the union of two people in love, weddings are one of the few places where the young and the old can get together and honor what matters most. Weddings are a chance to show the youth the ways of community – this is how we act in the good times. These are the things in life we value and celebrate the most.

This year nothing was taken for granted. 

Personally, I’m thankful that I got to be in my element again; making people feel seen, laughing and joking with them, and photographing people being authentic and real. It was such a wonderful release for so many people. You could tell that the guests needed the celebrations just as much as the couples needed them.

I love witnessing the mixing pot of friends and family at a wedding. Most people know either the bride or the groom, but not many others. Strangers meet and mix. The stories start coming out. The laughter, fueled by good food and libations begins. Then the groups become one to dance and sing all the lyrics of a song with the people brought together by a newlywed couple. All awesome ingredients to honor and celebrate love.

The wedding event galvanizes a couple and their path forward.

This past year I was so grateful we could all gather.

Looking forward to what this new year holds. -M