I had the pleasure of photographing John and May’s Skyview at Fall River Village Resort Wedding in Estes Park, Colorado

As the relaxed wedding couple put it, “Their wedding would be more of a big reunion than anything else.”

These two were most excited to bring all of the people that matter most together for a big party. The Skyview at Fall River Village Resort was the perfect venue to bring their loved ones together.

Both John and May live demanding lives together in Menlo Park, California. Though they met at a local bar, they discovered that they had worked in the same building at Stanford (her as a cancer Ph.D. and him as a surgical sales rep) for over a year and a half.

It was an immediate connection for both of them and their relationship blossomed.

For May, John makes her a better person, happier. She’s independent but the little things John does like charging her toothbrush or making her coffee before work makes her feel loved and cared for. He allows me to be myself. She’s not a huge outdoorsy person, but John’s passion and patience towards her pursuit of it has helped push her. She loves that about him.

For John, May helped him to be more human. She’s empathetic, understanding and isn’t afraid to be vulnerable. She makes him feel value for life in ways he never thought possible. He loves her patience for people and helped him realize he doesn’t have to be so angry. She helps him be a better man.

Their rooftop wedding ceremony at Skyview at Fall River Village Resort showcased a beautiful landscape view of the Estes Park valley in peak golden fall colors. Afterward, the guests enjoyed a cocktail hour with a view while the newlyweds and I slipped away to explore the nearby area to make some lovely couples portraits.

Upon our return, the couple’s reunion mantra proceeded in full swing. The night was spent dining and dancing well into the night.

John has been a dear friend to me over the years and it was such an honor to photograph his wedding day. I could not be happier for these two. Congrats to the newlyweds! -M