Last week, I photographed the Montana Ruby Valley Engagement Photo Session of Taylor and Sean outside Alder, Montana.

This couple started dating in 2019 in Billings, Montana, and will be celebrating their wedding day in June of 2024.

Right from the beginning, they each cherished the other’s sense of humor.

For Taylor, Sean has been her calm, peaceful rock. He always seems able to make her laugh. In the time they’ve known each other, she has had struggles in life and work where his sense of humor has really been a gift to her. When life has been stressful for her, Sean’s positive, extrovert attitude has been her humorous shelter from the storm.

Sean loves how Taylor moves him forward. Humor is a core component of his personality. Through her loving tolerance and support, Taylor has helped make him a better version of himself.

Both share a passion for child education. She works at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Idaho and he is the science education coordinator for the afterschool Boys and Girls Club.

They now live with their two dogs Ziggy, their 7-month-old silver retriever, and Tacoma “Taco”, their 5-year-old custom border collie/sheppard mix in Boise, Idaho.

Sean and Taylor wanted to highlight their relationship with each other and their dogs in a familiar mountainous landscape.

The Ruby Valley near Alder, Montana is where his parents live and is a place near and dear to their hearts.

We drove out with their pups in tow to one of their favorite places along a nearby runoff creek. We hiked and explored the area making photos along the way. Springtime in Montana is a wonderful sight where the hillsides grow a lush green hue and wildflower blooms abound. It’s also a time when chances of a spring rainstorm are quite likely.

While the weather forecast for our photo session called for a 20% chance of rain, we discovered that it ended up being 100%. A quick-moving mountain rainstorm caused us to take shelter under a tree to avoid falling hail, lightning, and getting wet. This couple had a great attitude about things and naturally took it as an opportunity to snuggle with their dogs under the protective canopy.

As the storm was making its final crescendo, the sun came out and was illuminating the heavy downpour of rain. Sean and Taylor had no qualms about the situation and ran out into the sunlight where we captured some really cool rain photos of them. I love working with couples that are adventurous and willing to roll with adversity.

We finished our Montana Ruby Valley Engagement session under a beautiful sunset.

I’m so excited for these two and look forward to photographing their wedding celebration next year! -M