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Flyfishing Family Portrait Photographer Gallatin River

Flyfishing-Family-on-the-Gallatin River
grandma-helping-grandson-rig-up-flyrod-during-their-Flyfishing-Family-portrait-session-on-the-Gallatin River
grandson-ready-to-go-fishing-Flyfishing-Family-portrait-session-on-the-Gallatin River
Grandmother-hugs-grandson-along-the-Gallatin River
Flyfishing-Family-Portrait on-the-Gallatin-River
grandparents-with-grandson-under-bridge-during-their-Flyfishing-Family-portrait-session-on-the-Gallatin River

On a peaceful August afternoon, I had the pleasure to photograph the flyfishing family portrait session of Kevin and Joan along the Gallatin River outside of Bozeman, Montana.

With their only grandson, Colton, living out of state and them residing in Red Lodge, Montana, this flyfishing family doesn’t get to visit each other as much as they would like. Kevin and Joan were so excited to finally be spending quality one-on-one time during their recent Southwest Montana road trip. Their agenda? Spend as much time together on rivers with fly rods in hand, chasing trout. 

Flyfishing, as it turns out, has been a storied way of life for this family for generations. 

All of their four adult children are serious fly fishermen. Two are even professional fishing guides featured on national television shows

To Kevin and Joan, this family time together was precious. They recognized the importance of this time in Colton’s life. After all, he was growing up fast. They knew they wanted to document this moment with a flyfishing family portrait session. 

In excited agreement over the course of our discovery conversations, we decided to highlight both their love of Colton and their favorite family pastime. In turn, they wanted to create some beautiful photographic artwork as a reminder to their grandson of all the Montana love that surrounds him, even from afar.

They are a family after my own heart! As a Montana Family Photographer (and fellow flyfisherman), it brings me great joy when I can celebrate and photograph families in a place that fuels their souls. I was happy to oblige.

Along with their Goldendoodle “Boomer” in the lead, we had a great time exploring, fishing, and photographing along the Gallatin River and making some really meaningful photos of them along the way. It’s never a bad day on the river with the ones you love. Here are a few favorite photos from our family portrait session. Wishing this family of anglers all the best on the road trip ahead. Tight lines, -M



Introducing my New Photography Studio Labrador Puppy “Tippet”.

My new best friend has arrived!

My family grew up raising labrador retriever puppies and every Spring, during my junior and high school years, we would have a litter of labrador puppies in our house.

It was so much fun to come home from school and yell “Hey kids!” from the front door and suddenly a wave of wagging labrador would welcome me at the door. Having labs growing up was such a wonderful part of my childhood.

My folks have since moved from my childhood Chicago suburb home and have settled into their new life in Missoula, Montana. As I grow older, those familiar childhood memories and nostalgia grow more distant and seem harder to hold onto. I don’t get to go home to my old room or old stomping grounds which makes tapping into those old childhood memories a little harder.

Besides having the new companionship, I felt getting my own labrador companion would be one way to have some of those positive childhood experiences enter back into my life. And it would also just be a ton of fun.

Since leaving home to pursue a degree in Photojournalism at the University of Montana seventeen years ago, not having a dog has been a hole in my life that I’ve been waiting patiently to fill. So, two years ago when I made the decision that I would get my first pet and put a deposit down with Lori’s Labradors in Whitehall, Montana, my excitement could barely be contained. It turned out to be almost a two-year wait to get a black female labrador. Turns out it was worth it. Last Monday, I finally got to go pick her up.

It seems I’ve suddenly leveled up in adulthood. Now, my days are filled with puppy training, praising and dodging those puppy needle teeth.

I think Tippet is going to be a fun addition to my life. Keeping me company in my photo studio, accompanying me on my adventures and bringing lots of laughter daily. I’m excited to share our future adventures with you all on here. -M