Family portraits from afar to raise money for those in need.

This past weekend, ten gracious Bozeman families participated in the Bozeman Front Porch Project from afar to celebrate their loved ones, be apart of a community art project and raise money to support the Bozeman Area Community Foundation during this unsettling time in our community and country.

As a self-employed photography business owner navigating the uncertainty of the COVID-19 virus, I wanted to create a little something to uplift the mood for local families and support our incredible hard working non-for-profits in town while we collectively maintain safety with social distancing.

While our normal lives have been turned into a holding pattern it’s important to remember that – Love is not cancelled. Friendships are not cancelled. Emotional support is not cancelled.

With all the uncertainty and fear circulating around. I wanted to change the narrative to focus on the positives that are still around us.

I wanted to create a reminder for these families of all the good things they have to celebrate in their lives.

While we are all doing our part to change the curve of our predicament, we can also safely from afar give ourselves permission to celebrate the people who give our lives meaning.

Family is everything and is worth celebrating right now.

These precious moments of togetherness with our families, loved ones, and pets – our relationships, are what matter most.

The love and support we give and receive from others will help us all get through these times of difficulty and struggle.

It’s through our shared, sheltered experience, that we can still foster connections and our combined community’s resilience.

Right from the start, the health and safety of every one were at the forefront of importance for me.

Stay-at-home directives started last weekend for Montana by Gov. Steve Bullock, and I’ve been personally exercising stringent social distancing practices while closely monitoring new developments.

In the end, under my already stringent safety measures, I decided to continue forward. By photographing everyone from afar with my telephoto lens (on average at least 20 feet) and safely, we created some really genuine fun family portraits.

Like the week before, the outpouring of support from the Bozeman community was incredible.

I’m happy to announce that together this past weekend we raised $500.00 that will be donated to the Bozeman Area Community Foundation!

I’m so thankful for all of the generous donations to this giving organization. I’m proud to be apart of our Bozeman community of helpers and look forward to a time when we can put this challenge in our rearview mirrors.

Thank you to all the wonderful families that participated in the Bozeman Front Porch Project!

Stay safe, stay healthy and soak up this time with your loved ones.

When this storm passes, I’ll be here to help you showcase everything you love about your family relationships in your own custom family photographic experience.

Together, we are all going to get through this. -Mike Greener

P.S. As a candid, creative family photographer, I can’t help but capture a moment if it’s happening in front of me. Here are a few bonus photos that I liked from my weekend of giving back.