This past August, I had the pleasure of photographing Rebecca and Carter’s Grizzly Creek Ranch wedding up Tom Miner Basin in Emigrant, Montana.

Rebeca and Carter are both veterans of the Hollywood film industry and these two Californians met on a southwest Montana film project. Their first encounter also introduced them to the beauty and splendor of the Yellowstone River and the surrounding Paradise Valley. It would soon become a favorite place to visit during the downtime of their busy schedules.

They found love in the time of COVID, and moved in together during lockdown. During those challenging times in the closed-down city of Los Angeles, their relationship and bond only strengthened.

Rebecca commented how Carter makes her feel calm, warm and offers an endless amount of patience. He’s a steady hand in the relationship and she shared how his presence creates a calming flow in their house.

To her, Carter feels like home.

Carter loves how Rebecca removes all stress from his daily existence. She’s very loving and always has his best interests at heart. She’s sponteanous, enthusiastic and always up for anything, like an on-a-whim weekend cabin trip to Montana.

Rebecca and Carter’s adventurous spirits and love of nature made the big sky state a natural setting for them. They chose to have their wedding celebration in Paradise Valley, south of Livingston, Montana. It was the place where they first met.

Happily, their community of friends and family traveled from across the country to Emigrant, Montana where Rebecca and Carter hosted their elegant wedding celebration in a place that instilled such reverence for them.

Under the guidance of their talented wedding planner, Killian Flanagan Payne (of Events by Killian), the charming, rustic, working cattle ranch Grizzly Creek Ranch, became the perfect Montana backdrop to their wedding. All of their loved ones had the convenience to stay on and near the ranch which lies just north of the entrance to Yellowstone National Park. It was a perfect destination wedding vacation to soak up this time together. For many of their guests, this was the first time many of them had visited the Big Sky Country. Their Montana experience was complete with brief afternoon rains that evolved into a picturesque sunset.

As the evening settled in and with the Montana stars at full shine, the dance floor came alive. The sounds of music, laugher, and energetic celebration went well into the night. This was an amazing crowd to behold! Everyone was in high spirits.

Rebecca and Carter, thank you for inviting me into your story. It was an absolutely pleasure to photograph you and your loved ones in such a striking setting! Congratulations on saying “I DO” in Montana. I wish you all the best! -M


A recent Gallatin River family portraits session with the Childress family helped turn their Montana vacation into an opportunity for a documented celebration!

“I’m in love with Montana. For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection. But with Montana it is love. And it’s difficult to analyze love when you’re in it.”

― John SteinbeckTravels with Charley: In Search of America

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of exploring Montana then I know this quote from John Steinbeck resonates. And it’s no wonder. Montana truly is spectacular! I have my own family roots in this glorious state. I’m always thrilled to see the excited faces of my clients when they come to know the awesome beauty of this timeless place for the first time.

It’s a pristine land that’s raw, wild, and just begging to be explored.

When you vacation in Montana, you are surrounded by the freshness that comes with changing your rhythm and being in this new environment. This state has a way of helping us let go of the busyness of our lives and slow down to really take in beauty of your loved ones and its amazing landscapes. Time shifts and you are more present, perhaps, than in the daily grind. You have fewer distractions. You get to see your family experience new things, exactly as you do the same. This has a way of letting us relax deeply into the moment, to be curious, and to play.

Over the last ten years, I’ve regularly worked with families that want to turn their Montana vacation into an opportunity for documented memories. Many visitors who have vacationed here have reached out for my photography services because they know that these moments, together, are unique, special, and worth doing right now.

Your family vacation is the perfect time to take advantage of this unique time you all have together.

With the Childress family, they make the annual trip from Texas to Montana every year to explore with their kids and soak up the family time during their Gallatin River family portraits session.

Big changes are on the horizon for this family.

With their daughter already in college, their son was about to enter his senior year of high school. Tina and John were soon-to-be empty nesters. They wanted this year’s Montana vacation to celebrate their kids with a family portrait session. It also proved to be a chance to highlight their son with his senior pictures. Talking with them on the phone, we discovered all that they cherish about their adult children. We also talked about how Montana has positively helped shaped their kids’ lives. Through their parents, their children have fostered an afinity for being riverside and a love of flyfishing.

To commemorate this special time together, the choice to hike along the banks of the Gallatin River was clear winner. It is a place filled with so many happy family memories for them.

I’m completely mobile with my photo studio, we were able to capture both a natural setting and a studio feel look for their son’s senior photos. I loved the ease of this family’s way of being together and enjoyed experiencing the calm Montana afternoon right alongside them.

What can you anticipate on your vacation family photo experience? That’s where the fun begins! We will schedule a phone chat to better understand what you value most about your loved ones and the special moments you hope to create. If you love the outdoors, I can help you find just the right setting. Or, perhaps, you are coming together for a family reunion or birthday celebration, and want candid photos around the celebration. I’d love to hear more about your plans for your 2023 Montana vacation adventure.


A few weeks back, I photographed my 2023 wedding clients Riki and Lee for their Butte, Montana Engagement Photography experience.

It’s been wonderful to get to know these two this year. Right from the start, the shared, rich intellect and loving kindness of Riki and Lee were a clear, magnetic force.

Lee and Riki met four year ago back when they were pursuing their PhDs at Northwestern University. They are now both budding powerhouse chemists on the East Coast.

In our first conversations, Lee shared what they admire most about Riki. They love how Riki is so good at truly seeing people. Riki is kind and doesn’t hesitate to help others. “Whether it be her colleagues, students, friends, or their community of loved ones, Riki shows me how to be a better partner.” Lee said. They also admire Riki’s intellect, “She is extremely smart and was the best in her class. I love how she challenges me.”

Riki feels the same – she loves Lee’s mind. This couple’s roots began first as friends. Riki immediately felt that she could be herself around Lee and with their first conversations, they dove deep. Riki, who describes herself as straight-edged, admires the diversity of Lee’s rich life experiences. Lee’s adventurous approach to life makes it easy for Riki to walk outside her comfort zone, in all the best ways. 

Visiting Lee’s hometown in Butte, Montana has quickly become a favorite annual destination for them. It’s a place they really wanted to showcase in their Butte Montana Engagement Photography experience.

With their excitement growing the closer we got to their photography session date, Lee and Riki elected to book a second hour for their Butte Montana Engagement Photography experience. They wanted to really explore this historic place which means so much to them. I was happy to oblige.

With so much to see in a old industrial town like Butte, Montana, this additional hour gave us more creative freedom to take our time and investigate our curiosities. 

If you know Butte, you know that its heritage and history runs a mile high and a mile deep.

By the end of the 19th century, The Butte copper mines had become the largest copper producers in the world. They would operate until their closure in the late 1940’s. Old stone skyscrapers and the steel engineering relects of another time have now perfectly blended with the weathered Montana landscape. The result is a mountain town with a lot of soul.

We all agreed it would be a perfect, rustic Montana landscape for us to play in. We began at the Original Mine and explored the industrial bones of the headframe and the character of the surrounding buildings. 

Next, we shifted from the playground of the Copper Kings and went off trail to Lee’s beautiful family home. Tucked back in the Butte foothills, their family property offered a more intimate landscape to explore thick aspens groves, dramatic rock formations, and catch the sunset views of the Pintler Mountains.

In all, this couple’s warmth, adventurousness, kindness, and focus on each other created such an incredible energy to be around. In their photos, smiles came naturally. Their excitement for each other was uncontainable. I love the photos we created together and I can not wait to photograph their wedding day June 2023! -M

Last fall, I had the pleasure of photographing THE UNION PACIFIC DINING LODGE wedding of Jackie and Mike in West Yellowstone.

Fate brought Jackie and Mike together two years ago when each were in opposite wedding parties of their mutual friend’s wedding. Laughter and charming wit piqued their curiosity about the other and they instantly hit it off.

Each of their professions have them traveling the state in roles that cater to their love of new places and a curiosity to meet new people. Mike is a sales rep for Kettlehouse Brewery and Jackie is a producer at Montana PBS.

The more they got to know one another, their commonalities started stacking up. Mike and Jackie soon discovered they shared a love for the history of national parks. Even more as their relationship grew, they discovered the shared value of deep conversations and intellect. So when the pandemic quarantine came to Montana, these two decided to keep the conversation going and moved in together. Jackie and Mike both agree the experience made them grow even stronger.

For Jackie, she loves the extroverted, loving, and loyal energy Mike brings not only to their relationship but also to everyone around him. “He’s in awe of his people,” said Jackie. “With heart and soul, he is very thoughtful in his approach to planning new experiences for us that I might like. His energy and passion for life is so magnetic. I feel so lucky.”

Tuck, Jackie’s pitbull-Labrador mix (who has now claimed Mike as his, too), agrees. Jackie smiles as she mentioned that Mike and Tuck have become soulmates.

For Mike, he loves Jackie’s desire for adventure, whether that be their frequent small town dates, visiting hotsprings, breweries or canoe racing on the Missouri River. She’s steady and always there for him. They love to play outside together, often adorned in Chacos and Carhartts. Mike would have it no other way.

Life in each other’s company is quite the adventure.

After their December 2021 engagement, they began planning for their wedding celebration at the Union Pacific Dining Lodge in West Yellowstone, Montana, a building steeped in Yellowstone National Park history.

The massive stone building, built in 1925, was the perfect backdrop to the national parks theme they showcased at their wedding for friends and family. After the ceremony, we snuck away to Quake Lake where Montana’s fall colors of gold, yellows and orange were at their peak. We were able explore and create some beautiful wedding photos of them. Returning to the lodge, the celebration kicked off with a BBQ feast and transitioned into a night of dancing and laughing with their wedding guests.

It warms my heart to witness two people who are so perfectly suited for one another. I had an absolute blast with these two and I wish them all the best! -M

To view all of their wedding day photos, click here.

I had the pleasure of traveling to Snohomish, Washington, to make Jardin del Sol Garden Wedding Day Photos of Allison & Wade.

Allison and Wade’s paths merged at Western Washington University. In between classes, they started to know each other over walks around campus or in exploring the nearby forests together. Their social groups overlapped around the campus Christian community house and their shared faith. Soon after they began dating, Allison and Wade knew they had found their person.

Wade loves how Allison is such a caring person who makes him and others feel loved and heard. She is authentically genuine and a full-energy type of listener. Allison has always had a love of the outdoors, and was excited to get into backpacking with Wade. She admires how Wade is so considerate of others’ feelings. It’s the little actions that mean so much. On one long backpack, Wade went back on the trail to walk with her when the trail became long, helped her through, and carried her pack.

When you find your person, every challenge is lighter, together.

As a couple, they build their community around gatherings. Wade and Allison balance each other and show deep support. With much of their family scattered throughout the country, these newlyweds looked forward to creating a moment where their favorite friends and family came together.

Wade and Allison’s community was woven into their celebration. (The theme of close community was already apparent when friends helped Wade get Allison’s custom engagement ring across the border in time for him to propose at Hug Point State Recreation Site in northern Oregon.) Allison’s aunt performed the ceremony and I was honored to be able to photograph my cousin, Allison’s, wedding day.

Allison and Wade are not the type to seek the shine of the spotlight. After the ceremony, we stepped away from the crowd to offer them a chance to focus on themselves, and savor the moment that marks the official start of their lives together. The opportunity yielded us some beautiful photographs created around the lush Jardin del Sol Garden wedding venue. From there, the party was in full force as Wade’s best man emceed and kept the energy high and lighthearted. Heartfelt speeches were shared, and then the dance floor came alive.

Allison and Wade, I wish you a lifetime of happiness! It was an honor to be a part of your wedding celebration! -M


Venue: Jardin del Sol

Photographer: Greener Visuals Photography

Florist: Save the Day Floral

Cake: The Cakewalk Shop

Caterer: Alexa’s Catering

DJ: PJ Parsons Presents

A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of photographing KELLY & SCOTT wedding. their celebration took place at Roy’s Barn Belgrade, Montana.

I met Kelly and Scott back when the pandemic first began through my Bozeman Front Porch Project. Kelly and Scott dated for the past 12 years. These two research scientists found a lovely balance working and living in Montana with their two German Shorthaired Pointers. Both are passionate about their careers and adamant about surrounding themselves with the community of friends they’ve fostered in Bozeman. They describe themselves as “chatty introverts at heart” and treasure spending time hiking and hunting Montana’s wide open spaces with their pups.

Kelly accepted a faculty position at UC Merced this past spring. Suddenly, wedding planning coincided with packing up their home for the anticipated move. Happily, their wedding celebration was the perfect opportunity to bring friends and family together, and be the grand finale to their Montana experience.

It has been a joy getting to know Scott and Kelly over the last few years. Kelly pushes Scott to be better, really understands him, and supports his outdoor passions. Scott feels so lucky and grateful that he can often share those experiences with her. When thinking about how Scott elevates her life, Kelly really appreciates his patience, which can be challenging for her. “He always can calm me down,” said Kelly.

She continued, “I love that I have this peaceful feeling that I’m enough and don’t have to change who I am.”

Their intimate, DIY wedding was hosted among the friendly confines of Roy’s Barn in Belgrade, Montana. Set against the Bridger Mountain range, the charming, big, red barn and its mature trees provided cool shade. Guests played yard games and were protected by the strong storm, wind, and rain that quickly blew through. Kelly and Scott created a relaxed atmosphere that emphasized a candid, good time with their loved ones. Everyone savored a delicious BBQ spread and homemade desserts from the bride. The property offered us a wide variety of photo locations. We explored and played in and around the teal color of an old Ford 100 truck on loan from a family friend. Afterwards, as the sun set, the DJ cranked the music as the wedding party transitioned from dinner to celebration. Everyone enthusiastically danced and sang into the night.

You could not have asked for a nicer day and a sweeter couple. I’m excited for Kelly and Scott and wish them nothing but happiness on the road ahead. Congrats to the newlyweds! -M

To view all of the fun photos from Kelly and Scott’s wedding day, click here.

A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of photographIng the Belgrade Montana Countryside Summer Wedding of Caitlin & Leo.

I met these two back in October 2021 and have loved getting to discover all the things they value about their relationship together. Earlier this summer, the culmination of our conversations came together. I flew to Portland, Oregon to photograph their custom couples portrait experience in their new hometown.

Caitlin and Leo share a common love for the outdoors that runs deep through their relationship. They surf together, run trails, and have even gotten into skate skiing. Whether sipping beers on the back stoop of their home, serenading her on his guitar, or venturing out to their favorite restaurant. Their strong connection, comfort, and playfulness was undeniable on their photo session.

For them, it’s been a lovely ride they couldn’t imagine not taking.

I have been really looking forward to their Belgrade Montana Countryside Summer Wedding Day celebration which was hosted on her parents land. A few weeks back, their wedding day had finally arrived!

Their parents property near north Cottonwood canyon has unobstructed views of Ross Peak and the expansive Bridger Mountains. After the past few months of cooler temperatures and more consistent precipretation, the yellow arrowleaf balsamroot wildflowers were in full bloom. Lush green hillsides dotted with vibrant yellow made for a perfect Montana summertime outdoor setting. Clean and stunning.

Caitlin and Leo wanted their wedding day to feel relaxed with an emphasis on showing their friends and family a good time. Under the guidance of wedding planner Abbey Cook, of Anchor G Gatherings, these two highlighted a colorful, rustic feel on their big day. Caitlin’s dresses for the day were made by her good friend. Their guests dined on the delicious food provided by their caterer Gather 406 and glorious desserts by Elle’s Belles Bakery. And as the evening went on, funk music from One Night Only encouraged all in attendance to dance the night away. One could not ask for a nicer evening.

At last, here are some favorite wedding photos I made during our time together. It was such a fun pleasure to celebrate this group. So glad I could be a part of the fun. Congrats to the newlyweds, Caitlin and Leo! -M

To view all of the fun photos from Caitlin and Leo’s wedding day celebration, click here.

Wedding Vendors

Catering: Gather 406

Rentals: Anchor G/Montana Party Rentals/Montana Party Time

Photog: Greener Visuals Photography

Floral: Anchor G Gatherings

Band: One Night Only

Planning and Design: Anchor G Gatherings

Desserts: Elle’s Belles

A few weeks ago, I traveled westward to photograph the Portland Oregon Couples Portraits of my wedding clients Caitlin and Leo.

Over the past eight years, Caitlin and Leo’s relationship has been shaped by their shared drive and support of each other’s dreams.

Caitlin and Leo met in Berkeley, California. Through their times of togetherness and being apart over the years, they’ve always encouraged one another to strive for their high goals. They recently settled in Portland, Oregon, purchased a house, and are going full throttle building their lives together. Caitlin is an attorney representing local unions and Leo is finishing up medical school.

Both are ambitious powerhouses who at the same time, are carefree and playful. This passion continues in how they support each other. Each gives the other encouragement, imagination, and a sense of joy.

Caitlin was beaming as she recalled how Leo elevates her life. Cailtin loves how Leo is so even-keeled in this thoughts. She loves how he completely present and focused he becomes on whatever person or task is in front of him. When they are together, she feels completely seen. In those moments, she senses that there is no place he would rather be. For Leo, the weight, demands, and intensity of medical school are lightened by Caitlin’s constant encouragement. She grounds him and reminds him that anything is possible.

Whenever one of them is faced with a challenge, they both commented on how the other has a wonderful knack for getting them out of ruts and into fun.

A common love for the outdoors runs deep through their relationship. Caitlin and Leo surf together, run trails, and have even gotten into skate skiing. Whether sipping beers on the back stoop of their home, Leo serenading Caitlin on his guitar, or venturing out to their favorite restaurant, their strong connection, comfort, and playfulness was undeniable during their photo session.

For them, it’s been a lovely ride they couldn’t imagine not taking.

It has been wonderful getting to know Leo and Caitlin over the course of this past year. I cannot wait to celebrate their relationship at their upcoming June wedding in Belgrade, Montana. Here are some of my favorite Portland Oregon Couples Portraits from our time together. Stay tuned. Their big wedding day approaches! -M

On the final day of 2021, I had the pleasure of photographing the Emerson Center New Year’s Eve Wedding of Alia and Justin in Bozeman.

It’s amazing how two lives can run parallel and, somehow, not connect until much later.

She hails from Ohio and he from North Dakota. They both separately found a love for skiing Montana’s mountains and attended Montana State University School of Engineering. After graduation, they both ended up in Salt Lake City and even lived on the same block.

Finally, they met while working for the same tech company and realized they shared a common zest for life.

On our first phone call, Alia kept saying that Justin is a ray of sunshine. He works hard, plays hard, and brings balance to her life. He is inquisitive. She loves how he is such a caring man who constantly sets the mood to make any situation fun. 

For Justin, Alia echoes his enthusiasm for celebrating life and he admires how she loves to host parties and celebrate their friends. He said, “She is an intelligent partner who can talk about anything and get to the root of any issue. It’s a love and relationship unlike any I’ve experienced before. To feel really cared for and feel completely seen and supported is incredible.” 

Now dating for the last five years, this couple has been adventure buddies and best friends ever since.

During lockdown, they became home owners and grew even closer. Justin’s plans to propose on a trip were canceled due to COVID. Ever the optimist and romantic, he pivoted, hired a private chef, and ended up popping the question to Alia over dinner in their home’s kitchen. 

Like many others, the pandemic impacted their plans for an in-person wedding. Alia and Justin weighed if they could safely have an in-person wedding. With so much uncertainty, they decided, on a whim, that this day was the day. They called their families and Justin and Alia married over Zoom. The celebration could come later. They knew they had both found their person.

Still, both felt that their celebration had been lost due to the pandemic, and they were keen to remedy that. After all, Alia and Justin married the person who fuels their sense of aliveness and adventure and they wanted to share that with their loved ones. 

When vaccines made group gatherings safer, Alia and Justin decided the best way to celebrate their union was to return to their college town. Their Emerson Center New Years Eve Wedding in downtown Bozeman would be the perfect canvas for their long-awaited celebration. 

For these two, candid, creative wedding photography was a high priority and they wanted to capture the emotions of their Emerson Center New Year’s Eve Wedding. 

With the outdoor temperature hovering around 6 degrees, Alia and Justin embraced the cold for their couple’s portraits. My assistant and I had a warm car with blankets, hand warmers, and hot coco that allowed us to explore the chilly areas around downtown Bozeman. Despite the chill, it was clear these two were thrilled to arrive on this day. They seized the adventure of the moment and enthusiastically tromped through the elements. Then, we headed back to the Emerson Ballroom to officially celebrate with their family and friends.

Under the talented direction of Events by Killian, Justin and Alia hosted their loved ones at their formal indoor ceremony, officiated by Alia’s brother. A three-course meal was followed by heartfelt toasts and raised glasses. Tsunami Funk brought the boogie to the dance floor and the guests danced the night away. Libations, playing in the photo booth, and a 1,000 balloon drop at midnight welcomed in the new year. It was the perfect evening they had been looking for and such a joy to be a part of. I could not be more thrilled for these two! 

These are some favorite photographs I made on their wedding day. To view their whole wedding day gallery, click here

Congratulations Alia and Justin! Here’s to many days of deep powder and your lifetime adventure with love! Happy New Year! -M


Band: Tsunami Funk, Wedding Cake: Sweet Pea Bakery, Catering: Gather, Floral: Karen’s Floral Artistry, Wedding Planner: Events by Killian, Rentals: Tailored & Tied, Gallatin Event Rental, & Montana Party Rentals, Signage: Wild Her Designs, Venue: The Emerson Center

I’m happy to present my Best of 2021 Greener Visuals Portrait Photography!

2021 was a wonderful, whirlwind year. I helped some great couples and families celebrate their relationships and created a lot of solutions for business professionals elevating their visual story brand. It ended up being one of my busiest years since I started Greener Visuals Photography back in 2002.

I feel so grateful. I loved the wonderful diversity of my 2021 clients and how their needs shaped and inspired my creative approach in my photography.

There were so many wonderful stories to tell.

This past year, I photographed an engaged couple who’s excitement to be back in a movie theatre helped set the scene of their shared love of films. Another couple wanted to feature their relationship and life on the farm they are creating together. There were families who were adapting to unplanned changes and families who saw now as the moment to gather and start anew. Or documenting the annual family fishing vacation to the Gallatin River – a place that holds deep significance to every family member. It was so much fun to go back over the year’s worth of moments to find my favorites for my Best of 2021 Greener Visuals Portrait Photography highlights.

In hearing your stories, each of my clients shared that now is the time to celebrate the people that give their life meaning. Now is the time to celebrate your relationships and come together, because you can. I’m so glad that we could.

We so rarely have permission and time to slow down and really think about why our relationships means so much to us. Sharing these stories of love heals and galvanizes.  In discovering what you cherish about your daughter, your partner and future spouse, your mother, your pet, or your family, I get a chance to see them from your perspective, and truly understand what your relationships mean to you. As a result, I was able to create completely customized photography experience for each of my couples, families, and business professionals that uniquely resonated with them.

It was a true pleasure.

Thank you to all of my clients for sharing your stories and allowing me to continue the work I love so much. I look forward to what this new year holds. -M

Happy New Year everyone! Alia and justin’s EMERSON CENTER Wedding Photo booth brought out the smiles.

Alia and Justin created the perfect celebration to kick off the new year! Their New Year’s Eve wedding in downtown Bozeman included a three-course dinner, live funk band and a balloon drop at midnight ochestrated by wedding planner Events by Killian. In addition, they also added my Greener Visuals Photo Booth for their friends and family to play and create in.

In between dancing to the good tunes, their wedding guests adorned themselves wtih hilarious, random costumes to use in the self operated custom photo booth. With their custom Emerson Center Wedding Photo Booth, guests young and old playfully got wonderfully weird in creating their photos. I loved the energy this group brought to their experience. Above are some of my favorites photos that made me smile.

What I love about offering a Bozeman photo booth rental to my wedding clients is that it is totally customizable. No walls restrict where photos can happen. Any wall or scene can become a canvas for spontaneous creativity. Furthermore, you never know what kinds of funny moments are going to be captured throughout the wedding celebration. The photo booth is all operated with ease by you and your guests. The booth is easy to operate for guests and gives them the ability to capture endless unique and funny moments! With a bit of imagination, the possibilities are limitless.

I had so much fun with these two and their loved ones. I can’t wait to reveal the rest of their wedding day photos. Stay tuned for more incredible photos from this amazing couple’s celebration!

To view all of the fun photos from Alia and Justin’s wedding day photo booth, click here. -M

I’m happy to present my Best of 2021 Wedding Photography!

Happy new year! It’s been this winter fun reflecting back on all of the great times I had with my 2021 wedding clients.

The pandemic of 2020 forced many brides and grooms to put their wedding celebrations on hold. Gratefully, the vaccine rollout of 2021 allowed more wedding couples to safely gather with their friends and family. Still, the ongoing pandemic continues to be a source of uncertainty for engaged couples. If a theme resonated for my 2021 wedding clients, it would be their capacity to be flexible.

Even in normal times, there is so much that goes on during a wedding that can surprise you. This past year had some unique challenges for my clients that they overcame.

For one couple, there was wildfire smoke blocking mountain views. After the pandemic forced another couple to have a Zoom wedding, their long anticipated wedding reception was dampened by rain. At another wedding, there was a rush to locate a spare suit for a family member two hours before the wedding. A groom on crutches could not dance but instead sang songs for his bride with the band playing behind him. One engaged couple started a CSA farm from scratch to grow their own food and flowers for their wedding day. Their hard work created wonderful accents to their story that they shared with their loved ones on their big day.

It just goes to show. You can plan all the things, set the tables and get everything “perfect” on your big day, but in the end, weddings turn out the way they turn out. They have a wonderful life of their own.

All of my wedding couples smiled at adversity and gracefully overcame whatever wedding day hiccup came their way. 

Having positive attitudes made each wedding an authentic reflection of who each couple was. Regardless of what happened, the true beauty of it was found by focusing on the bigger picture.

My wedding clients could finally celebrate their love alongside their friends and families bearing witness to it. What truly mattered.

For what is a wedding but a wonderful, sweet slice of society pie. A sacred event that celebrates the best things in life – our loving relationships.

As I sorted through my Best of 2021 Wedding Photography, I kept that thought in mind. As a Montana wedding photographer, you expect to find excitement from people attending a wedding. But this past year was different. You could tell that the pent up energy of the world made this year’s weddings more rich and rewarding. The societal faucet of normalcy was partially turned back on. A return to the ability to come together and feel human again. 

As a visual storyteller, it warmed my heart to see my 2021 wedding clients and their loved ones embrace this moment. To truly savor these time-honored celebrations that I think many of us have taken for granted.

Beyond the obvious celebration of two people in love, to me, weddings are one of the few places where the young and the old can get together and honor what matters most.

Weddings are a chance to show the youth the ways of community – this is how we act in the good times. These are the things in life we value. These are moments that are worth everything.

This year nothing was taken for granted. 

Personally, I’m thankful that I got to be in my element again; making people feel seen, laughing and joking with them, and photographing people being authentic and real. It was such a wonderful release for so many people. You could tell that the guests needed the celebrations just as much as the couples needed them.

I love witnessing the mixing pot of friends and family at a wedding. Most people know either the bride or the groom, but not many others. Strangers meet and mix. The stories start coming out. The laughter, fueled by good food and libations begins. Then the groups become one to dance and sing all the lyrics of a song with the people brought together by a newlywed couple. All awesome ingredients to honor and celebrate love.

The wedding event galvanizes a couple and their path forward.

This past year I was so grateful we could all gather. I’m proud to showcase my Best of 2021 Wedding Photography.

Looking forward to what this new year holds. -M


I recently photographed the winter newborn family portrait session of Becca and David in Bozeman, Montana.

One of my favorite things about my photography business is the opportunity to celebrate the good news of friends.

I’ve known Becca and David for over eight years now. These two have been constant, friendly faces at potlucks and local public events during my time living here in Bozeman. Becca, a Louisiana native, hosts an annual Mardi Gras party with her authentic gumbo family recipe. Living in the mountains far away in Montana. it’s a meal not to be missed.

These two work hard to elevate their community through their work roles at Montana State University and the City of Bozeman. It’s been fun to witness the evolution of their lives over the years here in Bozeman. It’s such a gift for me to have them in my Bozeman circle of friends.

This past year brought a new kind of excitement for them. They welcomed the arrival of their twin boys Will and Charlie.

Becca and David are over-the-moon with excitement to be parents.

During our conversations, each kept expressing just how much fun they were having seeing their sons explore their new world. They have found new joys in how each parent has brought their own brand of love into their new family. Becca absolutely cherishes seeing David in his new dad role. Soaking up the thought of him playing his part to cradle and take care of their young boys. Likewise, David cherishes seeing how Becca brings a sense of wonder into the boys lives. His favorite is when she sings sweet, silly nonsense songs to them throughout the day. It warms his heart every time.

They wanted their winter newborn family portrait session to be a celebration of their new family. A reminder to let their new kiddos know just how much their parents love them.

The day of their newborn family portrait session, the cold weather limited our mobility outside with the newborns. We first explored their house and then bundled up the kids for a short walk in their nearby park. These are some of my favorites from our time together. I look forward to seeing this family grow up. -M

Back in late August, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the Frenchtown farm wedding day photos of Kitty and Nick.

Years ago, this couple met on a chance encounter while individually hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Both felt a strong connection to one another from the start. They both shared a love of the outdoors, a connection with the land and working with their hands. So it wasn’t a stretch when these two got the idea to buy property and start a CSA farm in Frenchtown, Montana.

For their DIY farm wedding day, Kitty and Nick wanted to emphasize their little slice of agricultural paradise with the people that mattered most to them. Their farm has been a place they’ve put their heart and soul into and wanted showcase it’s treasures.

They hosted their closest friends and family to their Frenchtown, Montana farm for an evening of celebration. Every detail to their wedding day was a homegrown touch. They served food grown from their land. Grew homegrown flowers from their gardens to make bouquets and the dried flowers thrown at their ceremony. Each guest received live plant party gifts for their wedding favors.

Every detail was a wonderful reflection of Kitty and Nick’s shared passions and was an authentic personal touch to share their story with their loved ones. Topped off with pleasant, warm Montana fall weather, the day held all the ingredients to make a lovely, authentic wedding celebration.

It was a grand day and such a delight to celebrate these two awesome humans.

Here are some favorite moments from their Frenchtown farm wedding Day photos I made throughout the day. I could not be more excited for these two. Congrats you guys and I wish you many years of happiness! -M

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Back In late August, I traveled up to the Flathead Valley in northwest Montana to photograph The Nest on Swan River Wedding Day of Lisa and Thomas.

While Lisa is originally from Montana, this couple resides in Hawaii with their children. They wanted to have their wedding celebration in the culture of her home state.

For these two newlyweds, their shared love of country music quickly fostered a strong bond between them when they met in January of 2019. They’ve been singing and dancing together ever since.

During the build up to their wedding day, I got to know these two and what they cherished about their relationship. Both commented on how perfect they felt for one another and their mutual down to earth approach to life. As Thomas puts it, “God put her in my life for the better.”

Thomas loves how her sparklely personality and great sense of humor is enhanced by her thoughtfulness towards others. Lisa has a charming humility that teases out the best in the people around her. He loves seeing her engage and love his three children from a previous relationship as her own. Lisa smiled as she told me about Thomas’s big, marshmallow heart. “He’s so intelligent and spiritual. I love how we can both express our values and ideals to eachother,” she recounted, “He cares so much about my feelings and is so loyal to me and the kids.”

While the surfable waves of Hawaii were absent, The Nest on Swan River Wedding was the perfect setting for their waterside wedding day.

When it came to their wedding plans, Lisa and Thomas wanted to have a relaxing, peaceful time with their friends and family along the water. The versatility of their The Nest at Swan River provided the perfect backdrop. As the bridal parties got ready, their guests enjoyed walking the lush riverside property. Everyone was enjoying the lovely late summer Montana weather. Some guests even assisted the curious local whitetail deer to forage apples on the property. Their lovely, intimate wedding ceremony was held under the tree canopy shade surrounded by their loved ones.

As the sun set over the Swan River, their focus transitioned into a classic Montana celebration. Wild game appetizers paired with great local microbrew beer enticed their wedding guests. The conversation and laughter flowed. Despite a leg injury that limited the groom’s mobility, he traded his usual dance moves for singing on stage. Backed up great live music tunes from the Band of Drifters, Thomas performed a variety of his songs for his new bride. Soon after dinner the band got people twirling back out on the dance floor.

It was a lovely Montana evening enjoyed by all.

Here are some favorite photographs I made through out Lisa and Thomas’ wedding day. It was such a fun event and I was so excited to be apart of their wedding celebration. -M

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Back in late August, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the Star M Barn Wedding Day Photos of Cooper & Jenny in Belgrade, Montana.

It’s been such a joy getting to know and to celebrate this couple this past year. A highlight of my Spring photographing their couples portrait experience in downtown Bozeman, Montana. By discovering all the things Cooper and Jenny cherish about their relationship, we celebrated their story during a fun walk on Peet’s Hill with their dogs.

Cooper and Jenny have been dating for the past four years. From the moment you meet them, it’s clear that these two compliment each other so well. They have such a playful way about them. More often than not, they could be found together giggling about something.

It was so wonderful to see their energy together in the moment surrounded by their loved ones. 

When their wedding day arrived, the late summer fire season conditions surrounding the Gallatin Valley was in full swing. These two gathered one hundred smiling wedding guests – made up of good friends and family – to the Star M Barn wedding venue on a smokey Saturday in Montana. They celebrated in style with a heaping abundance of enthusiasm.

From the get-go, Cooper & Jenny had their simple priorities in line for their perfect wedding day. In short, this wedding party wanted to get down on the dance floor.

Selfless as they are, this wedding couple didn’t want the wedding day to be all about them. Rather, they wanted to use it as a time to honor and celebrate their family and friends. It was a chance to laugh and dance with the people that mattered most in their lives. So they cut to the chase. After a brief ceremony, the hilarious stories insued. As the party warmed up, libations were poured, and funky DJ music commenced blossoming into a heartfelt, authentic Montana wedding celebration. Give the people good BBQ and let them dance. This tribe abided.

I had such a fun time photographing this crew.

Coordination of the wedding was flawless under the direction of their wedding planner, Killian Payne, of Events by Killian.

Here are some favorite moments from their Star M Barn Wedding Day photos made throughout the day. I could not be more excited for this playful couple. Congrats you guys and I wish you many years of happiness! -M

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A few weeks back I had the pleasure of photographing the Rainbow Ranch Lodge Wedding Reception of Stephanie & Skylar in Big Sky, Montana.

When the 2020 pandemic set in, many Montana wedding couples were forced to postpone, reschedule, or drastically alter their their wedding plans. With their hearts set on starting a life together, Stephanie and Skylar didn’t want to wait. Instead, these two opted for an online Zoom wedding where their friends and family could view them saying their vows. While it wasn’t the original wedding they envisioned, they knew that the reception celebration with their friends and family could always be hosted at a later, safer date.

After a year anticipation and being five months pregnant, Stephanie and Skylar finally got what they wanted. They were able to host their loved ones for a intimate, rainy wedding reception at the Rainbow Ranch Lodge in Big Sky, Montana.

After five years of dating and one official year of marriage under the belt, it was clear these two share a great love for one another. In coverversation, they both emphasized their mutual love of fostering an adventurous spirit. Whether that be jumping off cliffs, trying new foods, or wanting to seek out new experiences in the world with one another. Over the years, they have traveled a lot together backpacking places like Beruit and skiing Europe and Japan.

Still, it’s the little things that stand out the most.

Stephanie loves Skylar’s big super goofy, silly smile along with his love and support. Affection amplified with his great burst for life. Skylar cherishes Stephanie’s impact on him. She is an even tempered, calming force who also can bring him outside of his comfort zones. He loves her bubbly personality and drive to push herself towards her goals especially when seeking out Type-2 fun.

Rolling with the twists and turns of life is something both have embraced.

In spite of the previous two months of extreme heat and wildland fires in Montana, their Rainbow Ranch Lodge Wedding day had a twist. The day of the reception surprisingly brought consistent rain for the majority of the day. These two shrugged it off with a smile. They knew the rain was a blessing. What really mattered was that they could celebrate their wedding surrounded with the people who matter most. The weather limited where we could explore outside in the mud and rain. In the end, we made the most of the situation and created a variety of fun wedding couples portraits. These two and their fantastic attitudes made it great.

Here are some favorite moments from my time photographing their wedding reception.

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I could not be more excited for these two. I wish them a lifetime of happiness. -M

A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of photographing the Maverick Mountain Ski Resort Wedding of John and Nora.

Drawn to my candid photographic style and easy-going, cheerful approach, John and Nora hired me to photograph their Maverick Mountain Ski Resort Wedding festivities back in November of 2019. Little did we know it, but their plans were eventually put on pause as the country dealt with the ramifications of the pandemic.

Not ones to worry, they let the disapointment roll off their backs. The additional time to plan gave us plenty of opportunities to get to know one another even more. As their new wedding date approached, John and Nora knew what they wanted. Their DIY wedding would be a complete reflection of the simple things they savored. In their lives that meant being outdoors around great music and honoring their loved ones.

Individually, these two work as geology consultants and spend a lot of time traveling outside in nature.

A wedding day amongst loved ones spent in song and celebration doesn’t get much better.

They first met each other by chance two and a half years ago at a Shook Twins concert in Missoula, Montana. Both were in their social element.

Music has been a strong, shared love in their relationship. Whether that be going on dates to see live music or jamming together with friends around a campfire. They wanted to highlight live music as the most important theme on their wedding day. So naturally when the wedding invites instructed friends and family to convene at their favorite Montana ski mountain outside of Dillion, Montana, their guests obliged. Dozens of friends brought along their musical instruments and talents to play bluegrass music throughout the day. It was awesome.

I loved getting to know these two kindred spirits. In our conversations discovering all the ways their relationship elevated their lives, it was clear that they wore their hearts on their sleeves. I loved seeing the wonderful, deep-loving connection between them.

John commented on how much he cherishes Nora. “She is such a joyous individual showcased by her near-constant smile and laughter,” he said. She’s an artist, singer and a lady that’s handy with a sewing machine. Nora is fearless in how she expresses her creativity. John loves that about her. Furthermore, he loves her ability to hold space for him to talk about his feelings.

Nora beamed about John’s sense of humor and total goofball personality. She appreciates his high intelligence that often challenges her own thinking in positive ways.

“He’s is a man whose actions are anchored in kindness,” Nora said. “He often brings me fresh flowers for no other reason than he was thinking of me.” It’s a sweet gesture that she doesn’t take for granted.

The pandemic ended up delaying their wedding day for a year. When the wedding finally arrived, the coup’d up energy of humans, babies and dogs alike was noticiable. It was a feeling of bountiful joy and a rearing for a good time. Not even the smoke from nearby wildfires couldn’t dampen the spirits of their attendees. How could it? John and Nora’s wedding was complete with great conversations, laugher, great food, microbrews, homemade pan pies, singing, and dancing. Cherished activities that kept everyone thoroughly entertained well into the early morning hours. Without a doubt, a great time was had by all in attendance.

Here are a some favorite wedding photos from their celebration. I could not be happier for these two. It was such a pleasure to be photograph and be a part of their special day. -M

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With much anticipation and a year long delay due to the pandemic, I had the pleasure of photographing The Ellen Theatre Wedding of Lisa and Shawn.

True to their shared love of cinematic films, this Lisa and Shawn had their wedding on stage at the historic downtown Bozeman theatre. We also emphasized the movie theme during their recent couples portrait experience as well.

I love it when a wedding couple throws out the rules of what society says a wedding should be. Instead they embraced their shared interests that make their relationship unique.

For their Ellen Theatre Wedding Day, these newlyweds showcased their love of the Star Wars universe and other action movies near and dear to their hearts. It was a wonderful balance of fantasy and classy wedding themes all coming together. Each was able to highlight their loves. Lisa highlighted her love of red roses. Shawn (in pure delight) wore his Darth Vader outfit and walked down the isle to the imperial march theme music. Many of their guests in attendance also donned character costumes from the epic movie saga. All were given light sabers and Wonder Woman bracelets to wield during the grand exit down the isle. Their wedding cakes made by the talented bakers at Decadent Bozeman were super hero themed. Everyone in attendance savored the delicious tacos from the Chefs Table Food Truck.

In all, their guest were treated to a unique, playful experience full of laughter and movie nostalgia.

Here are some favorite photos I made from their wedding celebration. To see all of their fun photos, click here to view their gallery link.

It has been so wonderful to get to know these two lovebirds over the past two years. I could not be more excited for them. It was an honor to photograph The Ellen Theatre Wedding Day festivities of these newlyweds. I wish them a lifetime of happiness. -M

Wedding Vendor List:

Venue – The Ellen Theatre

Photographer – Greener Visuals Photography

Catering – Chefs Table Food Truck

Wedding Cakes – Decadent Bozeman

DJ Services – Moshunal Production