Environmental Business Headshots of Rocky Mountain Credit Union staff

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This past month, I’ve photographed environmental business headshots of the Rocky Mountain Credit Union team members located across Montana.

Working together with the RMCU marketing team, we created a variety of on-location business portraits for their online Marketing and business visual brand presence. My relationship with this great Montana business has been strong. Over these last few years, I’ve also photographed dozens of studio portraits of their RMCU board members.

Rocky Mountain Credit Union’s humble beginning dates back to its founding in 1940. Through community-driven programs and providing financial service relationships of lasting value, this financial institution has become a bedrock of support for its clientele throughout Montana. Rocky Mountain credit union has branches in Bozeman, Butte, and Helena. To complement the design of their new website, they wanted to create environmental business portraits that reflected their professionalism.

Our goal was to make new environmental business headshots of their Home Equity & Mortgage and Consumer Loan Officers team. Furthermore, they wanted to have photos that were not only bright and inviting but also could showcase their hardworking employee’s personalities.

From its inception, Rocky Mountain Credit Union‘s mission has been focused on providing exemplary service to its members/owners. They needed professional high-quality business portraits that represented that ongoing mission.

That’s where I came in.

By making the time to really understand their future goals, together, we were able to create a variety of professional environmental business headshots of their team. Photographs that showed a personal side to how they present themselves as a business.

I had a lot of fun with this group. Here are some favorite photographs from my time with them. -M