Being an uncle is so much fun.

As an Anchorage Alaska Destination Family Portrait Photographer, I try to make it up to Alaska a few times a year to visit my brother, sister-in-law Brandy and their kids to document this special time in their lives.

This particular trip was special because the son of our mutual friends Jessie and Brendan had just been born.

I had the pleasure of photographing their Alaska Maternity Portrait Photographic Experience in Hope, Alaska during my last visit and it was great to celebrate their new addition.

It was great to finally meet the new kiddo.

We spent this trip visiting the new addition to the family tribe in Hope, Alaska.

While I spent more time with babies in my arms than a camera, I was able to make a few photographs during my stay. Here are a few favorites.

It’s fun to see these kids grow up so quickly. It’s the little things like my niece at 3 1/2-years-old emulating her parental caretakers and my nephew finding his feet as he took his first steps.

I’m glad I can be there to document this rapidly changing, stressful and fun time in their lives.

The real value of these photographs will really shine years from now when new additions to my family can look back and smile seeing all the love that was surrounding them.

I look forward to my next trip. -M